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How Love Languages Play A Key Role In Gift Giving
Want to improve your gift-giving skills? It's time to embrace the magic of the 5 Love Languages — and apply your discoveries to choosing gifts for your loved ones. Here's how to get started. 
5 Under the Radar Gift Ideas That Don't Cost A Dime

We’ve all been there: money is tight. Throw the pressure of an impending gift-giving event on top of this, and you might be putting your phone on airplane mode. Relax, here are a few ways to give gifts and save money. 

We Talk Harlem, Personal Style and Harlem Habitue with Turiya Minter
Turiya Minter may have grown up in San Diego but there was another city calling her name. “I’ve always wanted to live in New York,” says Turiya. A series of fortunate events — a friend’s roommate moving out and quickly...
Bringing Back the Art of Note Writing
Expressing yourself on paper still holds value in many ways. There is something personal and intimate in seeing the way one loops and lines their letters on the page. Here is why we hope to bring back the lost art.
My Honest Truth About Doing It All
My story starts off with the cliche “Aha Moment”— my Mother’s sudden death. A heart attack in her sleep, at age 66. The true meaning of Life is Short had brought clarity to my life. After months of “what color...
4 Secret Tricks to Avoid Giving Bad Gifts
Ask yourself these four questions before you go gift shopping and you’ll be sure to avoid the awkward silence and flat “Thanks…” that follows a gift-giving misfire.