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Bringing Back the Art of Note Writing
Expressing yourself on paper still holds value in many ways. There is something personal and intimate in seeing the way one loops and lines their letters on the page. Here is why we hope to bring back the lost art.
How Love Languages Play A Key Role In Gift Giving
Want to improve your gift-giving skills? It's time to embrace the magic of the 5 Love Languages — and apply your discoveries to choosing gifts for your loved ones. Here's how to get started. 
4 Secret Tricks to Avoid Giving Bad Gifts
Ask yourself these four questions before you go gift shopping and you’ll be sure to avoid the awkward silence and flat “Thanks…” that follows a gift-giving misfire. 
5 Under the Radar Gift Ideas That Don't Cost A Dime

We’ve all been there: money is tight. Throw the pressure of an impending gift-giving event on top of this, and you might be putting your phone on airplane mode. Relax, here are a few ways to give gifts and save money. 

What Does Giving A Gift Card Really Say About Your Relationship?
Gift cards are lazy. Straight up; there’s no way to sugar coat it. A gift card screams, “I felt obligated to get you a gift, but I didn’t feel obligated to put any thought into it. Here's how to avoid the stigma. 
Gift Guide: Best Selling Coffee Table Books
What happened to the days when Jet magazines were spread out like a fan on the coffee table? Who remembers that carefully curated display of blackness that was present in nearly every Black home? 
Andrea Reyes on Running a Business
Andrea Reyes is the creator of A.Bernadette: a fair trade fashion brand - featuring upcycled clothing and bags made by talented designers and tailors from Uganda who lacked a strong market to thrive in.
Black Makers Have Been Here for Years
With the news that there are nearly 2.6 millions African American-owned businesses in the United States bringing in upwards of $10 billion in annual revenue, popular news media began championing the “rise” of Black-owned businesses. The rise? We been here....