For the Culture(d)

Two Generations: One Love for Art
Visual artists Carl Karni Bain (BAI) and Courtney Minor possess unique creative processes that allow them to instigate the power of African-American images. Their artistic expressions prompt viewers to question the power of isolation and its impact on the African...
Alton Weekes: Custom Cards to Collector Plates
Alton Weekes is a luxury stationery designer whose pieces are closer to works of art than just simply cards. They’re multidimensional with nods to nature in the form of flowers or butterflies, and sparkle with crystal accessories. Weekes’s stationery is...
Maiko Suzuki: Making a Statement Through Jewelry
Maiko Suzuki makes jewelry that’s an immediate conversation starter — her pieces are bold and oversized with nods to a variety of cultures. Originally from Japan, Suzuki visited New York City at 15 years-old for the first time, and her...
Wilhelmina Grant, Artist Spotlight
Artist Wilhelmina Grant is a woman of many talents and a wonderful example that you should never stop growing and acquiring new skills. Previously a fashion model, an airline attendant, and a two-time breast cancer survivor and awareness advocate, today...
Sekou Long, Sekou Writes
NiLu chatted with Sekou Long, a NiLu maker with a cause. 
Yvonne Kopacz, LOMAR FARMS
NiLu' Harlems Gift Store Owner Katrina Parris Flowers interviews Lomar Farms. Seven years ago Yvonna Kopacz - Wright packed up her family and said good-bye to urban living. Yvonna, her husband, Brett, and two daughters, Lola and Marley moved 19...
Maloney Brothers, Sol Cacao
We visited Trinidadian Maloney brothers who gave a tour of their chocolate factory
The Story Behind The All Natural Body Care Line: Flo + Theo
Mayowa and Ebony, founders and makers of all natural body care line, Flo + Theo, describe their venture into small business ownership as both fulfilling and extremely challenging.
You Don’t Have to Quit Your Day Job: A Conversation with Mixed Media Artist, Courtney Minor
There’s an overarching belief that you must solely focus on a new passion to succeed, especially if you’re creativebut people have other pressing obligations that may pull them away from their craft from time to time. The journey to greatness isn’t linear, and no one understands this better than Courtney Minor.
Junny and Her Path to Discovering Her Passion

Junny has become a darling in the hearts and closets of men and women. Learn more how she has turned her creative genes into JUNNY, an NYC born and bred brand that makes luxury bespoke garments.


Meet Valerie and Joy, the Harlem Based Duo behind 125 Collection
We interviewed Valerie Wray and Joy Fennell, the co-founders of the candle company The 125 Collection. Read on as they share how the Harlem community contribute to their success.