Elevating Black culture is something that we all day, every day. And since February is coming up (aka Black History Month), we want to emphasize Black love by mashing up Valentine's Day with BHM.

Start browsing gift ideas to spread recognition and celebration of past and present Black achievements, creations, and love.

 “You Are My Queen” (Gift Set) 

Treat yourself, or a loved one, like a queen this month with this array of fancy tea products for a magical experience:

“You Are My King” Gift Set

For the equally impressive loved one that deserves the royal treatment, you won’t want to miss this gift set of pampering products most created by Black makers.

“BLK AF 365” (Gift Set)

 Our NiLu original BLK AF 365 set is relevant all year around. But it is also a great gift to give yourself or loved this February as we celebrate Black History Month.

Digital Collages by Makeba Rainey

Makeba Rainey’s textured 8x10 prints beautifully depict Black historical figures from past to present, from Martin Luther King all the way to Beyoncé.

Art by Ms. Tara James

Ms. James’s playful art is perfect for your loved ones looking to add bold and exciting décor to their homes. With her art is an underlying theme of recognition and appreciation that we can all appreciate.

 A Shout Out to Langston Hughes

Black History Month is the perfect time for a shoutout to renowned American poet Langston Hughes with these creative gifts that evoke aspects of his life: