Gift Guide: Best Selling Coffee Table Books

What happened to the days when Jet magazines were spread out like a fan on the coffee table? Dont tell me Im the only one who remembers that carefully curated display of blackness that was present in nearly every black home. The little magazines were conversation starters. Jet print magazine is gone and coffee table books have essentially become the new magazine display. Harlem, Black American Music, and Black Culture is where its at.

Which makes this contemporary spin on the coffee table display a welcome change. Here are a few of NiLus best sellers. 

Muhammed Ali: Fighter’s Heaven 1974 

A rare peek inside the world of The Greatest as he prepared for one of the most challenging fights of his career can be found on the pages of Muhammed Ali: Fighters Heaven 1974. Photographed by Peter Angelo Simon over the course of two days, this powerful work not only portrays the intimate side of The Champ, it also depicts a monumental moment in history.

Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall 

-For the musical soul that has a deep appreciation for the jazz scene of the 60s, Jazz Festival is it. This incredible body of work from celebrated music photographer of the stars, Jim Marshall, contains pages on pages of the most candid moments of the greats. In this coffee table book, you will find photos of Nina Simone, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, amongst many others, as well images that capture the fashion and culture of this legendary era.

Separate Cinema: The First 100 Years of Black Poster Art 

This one is for the cultured movie buff, the cinephile. This Separate Cinema coffee table book lives up to its name with this stunning display of black film history over the past 100 years. A brilliant reminder and token of homage to the pioneers who paved the way in this industry, this book is a definite conversation starter.

Sneaker: The Complete Limited Editions

Sneakerheads, this one is for you. It would be a bit overzealous to say that Sneaker: The Complete Limited Edition changed the industry, but it absolutely played a huge part in bringing sneakerhead culture to the mainstream. The sheer popularity of the book is enough said. This volume, selectively curated with over 500 photos of the best of the best, showcases the limited-edition sneaker designs and collaborations over the past decade. Were talking the big name brands like Reebok, Vans, and Nike and their collabs with everyone from celebs like Pharrell to graffiti artists.

Those are the books the people have chosen. But tell us, what coffee table books do you have in your thoughtful space?

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