What Does Giving A Gift Card Really Say About Your Relationship?

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Big Circus Like GIft Card Display at CVS 

Gift cards are lazy. Straight up; there’s no way to sugar coat it. A gift card screams, “I felt obligated to get you a gift, but I didn’t feel obligated to put any thought into it.”  Yup.  You could be perceived as being lazy.   This may not be your intent but that's how it comes across.  And did you know....Many people don't use gift cards?!  What!?
  • 58 percent cards expire cause they didn't have time to go the store or shop online.
  • 35 percent said they couldn't find anything to buy.
  • 32 percent said that they either lost the gift card or forgot that they had it
There’s always a gift card circus like display at grocery stores, big box stores, and even hardware stores that sell an array of gift cards to every chain you can think of.  Running in and out takes a total of 3 minutes, and showing them that you just checked the to-do box  .   You've got a bad wrap giving gift cards.  And many people don't use em'.   Sounds like a waste of money and time. Luckily, we’ve got your back.  Nothing beats the convenience of gift cards but before spending that $50 on a gift card, here are some alternatives that will shake those bad vibes.

Candles can be a quick grab too.

Upscale candles — and no, we’re not talking Yankee Candles ( no disrespect) — are great gifts for both men and women. Yes we said men too.  Providing him with relaxing aromas and ambience is always a great idea! for his man cave. Plus a beautifully designed candle can also double as decor such as a small plant pot. Candles come in all shapes and sizes, with personalities from sexy cool to elegant, and come in all price ranges too. Grabbing a nice candle or two shows the recipient that you took the time to think of something that would be perfect for their tastes.

Art Work.  Particularly Local Art

It’s totally possible to find affordable artwork that can spruce up someone’s home or office.    You will find street fairs or art pop ups featuring inspiring artists selling their work.  Sharing the art and the artists tory makes the gift even more special.  Artwork is deeply personal and everyone has an eye for something different. However, artwork, though risky, can still serve as a practical choice in two ways. On one hand, you may know enough about the receiver and their taste that you can get them a little piece of art that they’re sure to love. On the other hand, if you’re unsure of their taste, you can pick out a piece that resonates with you — and thus share with them the beauty of art you think they’ll like as well.   

Home Decor Accent Pieces

This is a broad category of course, but that’s exactly why it’s a great alternative to gift cards! Pillows, throw blankets, coffee table books, wall signs, oh my! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the different types of decor you can gift someone. Home decor is an especially practical gift if the recipient loves decorating their home or has recently moved to a new place. Not to mention, every time they walk by your gift they’ll think of you and the place you have within their home.

An Experience 

Experiences and gift cards are polar opposites from one another in the best way possible. While gift cards shout, “IDGAF,” experiences shout, “ILY.” Paint and sips, concerts, or even just treating the person to dinner will allow you to connect with them and show them the gift of not only money, but more importantly time.

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