Gift Guide for January Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the January babies! Capricorn season is in full effect and Aquarius season is soon to follow. Get prepared this January to gift these air and earth signs with our guide below! 


Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) 

This sign is known to be hard working and very sure of themselves. Yet when playtime comes around, this goat can get goofy. Here are some of our picks that cater to their playful side, because what’s work with no play? The bookends bring a whimsical side to keeping your books in order, pop art pillows for keeping it playful in the home and bar accessories for them to share with and entertain friends. 


Aquarius (January21 - February19) 

These water carriers are known for being independent and innovative. In order to quiet an often busy mind, we have a few selections that would make perfect presents.  The art and interactive art pair well their creative DIY nature. The tool kit helps the Aquarius woman stay independent when things need fixing, and the zodiac book will come in handy for all Aquarians. Even if they aren’t into astrology, everyone still loves to read about themselves 



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