Just Started Dating? Dos and Don'ts For The First Gift

The weather is getting cold and now is the perfect time to snuggle up with your boo for the holidays. Whether gift giving is your love language, or you are finally stepping out of the dating pool and getting exclusive, buying the first gift can get stressful. Don’t make dating more complicated than it needs to be. Check out our do’s and don'ts for the first gift.




Communication is always key so, listening to your partner is the first step in figuring out what to buy someone for a gift. As your significant other, you probably know this person well enough to pick out something they would appreciate. Showing that you are listening to your partner’s likes and interests is the perfect way to build a relationship. The thought always counts, so your gift does not have to be the most expensive or most lavish thing that you can think of. 


Keep it Light


Light on your pockets and light in sentiment is the best mindset to have while searching for the first gift. If handing over your grandmother’s necklace that she entrusted to you on her deathbed sounds like a good idea – it's not. At least, not for the first gift. Items of high sentimental value can be too much too fast. Same goes for price, if the item is expensive that can put pressure on the person receiving to meet that same dollar value when gifting for you. Keeping things simple and lighthearted in the gift giving process translates to the relationship.



Presentation is key


Even though the actual gift is better simple, presentation matters. You don’t have to be the best wrapper; a sticky bow or a cute gift bag and tissue paper goes a long way. If you keep the item neat and clean can you even surprise your person without any wrapping. Giving them the present during a dinner date creates a memory along with the gift. And don’t forget to take the price tag off! The purpose of the first gift is to keep the relationship long enough to have a second gift.


Givers not Takers


If you want something, ask for it. Don’t give a gift expecting anything back. No favors, no gifts, no money – nada. Give a gift when you feel like you want to do something nice for someone else, not because you feel obligated to or want something in return. That is a sure-fire way to turn a great gift into a terrible one.


The first gift is only stressful in thought not in actuality. It is the beginning stages of the relationship; so since your partner is already infatuated with you, it will take a lot to mess that up. The relationship is fresh, new, and lacks any expectations. With the element of surprise and our advice, your first gift will be a success!



Author: Lindi Bobb

Accumula Collaborator


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