Shopping Guide for Wellness Lovers

The topic of wellness is taking over social media and honestly, the world. It is one trend that everyone should actually follow. Who can say no to improving your quality of life? Whether you are an extreme health nut, or are just looking to treat yourself and the people around you a little better, get prepared for this holiday season with our wellness picks below.


Palo Santo Bundle

The “Holy Wood” also known as Palo Santo, is lit, blown out, and used for clearing your designated space of negative energy, meditation, or even cleaning your crystals. It is the perfect pair to Aventurine, a green quartz variation that soothes and promotes good luck, that is included in the pack. This is the ultimate wellness bundle to ward off bad vibes.


Palo Santo Bundle

Buddha Ornament / Buddha Lock

Set this simple gold statue somewhere in your home, preferably in the front, to let your visitors know what kind of energy you are on from the moment they step through the doors. What says truth and spirituality like Buddha? 


Buddha Ornament

Nude Glass ‘Finesse’ Bottle

Just because the sun is away, that’s no excuse to forget about your water. This transparent bottle will allow you to stay hydrated throughout the day. And more importantly, let you show off your aesthetically pleasing detox water filled with all kinds of fruit, herb, and veggie combinations on the internet.


Nude Glass ‘Finesse’ Bottle

Flo and Theo Natural Bar Soaps

Our favorite vegan skin care sisters carry five different scents of natural soaps. Our top two wellness picks are Lavender Flower and Activated Charcoal. Choose the Lavender Flower for some aromatherapy in your shower, the visible buds in this soap produce a lavender scent that will reduce stress and anxiety. The Activated Charcoal is not only on trend, but will draw out toxins from your skin - unfortunately, not your life. Made with quality oils like olive, castor, and coconut, these soaps produce a rich lather—keeping you clean and moisturized.


Flo and Theo Natural Bar Soaps

Lalela Project Sleep Mask

The first three habits people attribute to good health are eating, drinking, and sleeping. Make sure to catch some much deserved shut eye with these 100% silk eye masks from Lalela Project. Lalela Project is a non-profit organization that aims to combat poverty by providing youth with an arts education that includes entrepreneurial skills. Wellness isn’t always about self related acts. In actively seeking a healthier and more fulfilling life, you can do so by making choices that will benefit others. 


Lalela Project Sleep Mask

Coloring Book

Most of life’s stresses comes with being an adult. Now that coloring books are not only for kids, we all can take a break from the responsibilities of adulthood and find a state of calm with some colors. Prominent Mexican muralist Diego has his own coloring book, The Detroit Industry Murals, full of artwork based on pieces he has featured in the Detroit Institute of Art centered around the labor industry. All work but, you can play!


Diego coloring book

“The March” Puzzle

If coloring is not your activity of choice, solving a puzzle might be a more mature approach for setting aside alone time. A part of the New York Puzzle Company, this puzzle features cover art from artist Abigail Gray Swartz. With 500 pieces to this puzzle, you will definitely have enough time to exercise your brain.


New York Puzzle Company



Author: Lindi Bobb

Accumula Collaborator


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