Thanksgiving Gift Guide for Hosts

Tiny apartment? Bad cook? Or just don’t want people in your space? Nine times out of ten, you are probably a guest in someone’s home. With the holidays around the corner, be the best guest you can be. Don’t show up empty handed to the gathering, make it easier for the person entertaining and check out our gift guide for the host(ess) in your life! 


Coffee Table Books 

coffee table books

When entertaining, one of the best compliments a host can get (besides on the food) is on their home decor. Small accents to the home like coffee table books are great gifts that not only fit in everyone's home, but are easy to choose based on interests. Gift a book and give the other guests a chance thumb through some unique content and images while they lounge around. 




Artwork is another opportunity to get that “I love what you’ve done with the place” moment. Again it is an easy gift to personalize, at NiLu you can find, artwork for the person that loves Harlem, Jazz, Superheros, or plain freedom of expression through fine art.  


Dinner Ware 


Plates, serving trays, and cutting boards, are items that a host can never run out of. You can keep it simple with a plain colored tray, or even get a decorative plate to put on display in other rooms of their home. 


Wine & Wine Accessories 

wine accessories

A bottle of wine is always at the top of the gift list when visiting someone’s home. It is only logical if a bunch of people are going to get together to have something to sip on. Help you and your friends loosen up with a bottle of wine and the accessories necessary for getting the best out of your bottle. A decanter or an aerator tells your hostess you know more about wine then unscrewing the cork. 


Shot Glasses 

shot glasses

Not all gatherings have to be as reserved and formal as a Thanksgiving or Holiday dinner. Those events call for a nice bottle of wine or champagne. Other times when you want to get to a happy place just a bit quicker, shot glasses are the perfect vehicle of choice. Let your hosting friend liven up their house party with these Bottom’s Up shot glasses! 




Guests are always welcome to enjoy themselves, have a good time. Just not at the expense of the furniture. Rule number 2 for being a good guest, after not showing up empty handed is to not break or damage anything. Help your host out by gifting them some coasters. The perfect precautionary measures for the dreaded ring on your dining room table. 


Thank You Card(s) 

thank you cards

A simple gift to formally thank your host for allowing you and your friends to infiltrate their space. Thank you cards pairs well with any other small gift you are thinking of gifting, especially any dishes you would like to bring over. It is one thing to host a bunch of people, cooking is a whole other animal. Stop by the shop to see the large selection of phrases to chose from so, you can say “Thank You” in a way you know your host will appreciate. 



Author: Lindi Bobb

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