The Do's & Don'ts of Last Minute Gift Shopping

The holiday season is an incredibly busy time of the year. Between hosting family from out of town, clearing out all the junk in your home to make space for said family, traveling and cooking, sometimes getting presents gets lost in the sauce. Here are some last-minute gift shopping do’s and don’ts for everyone stuck in procrastination nation. 


Use your time wisely 

You have already waited until the last minute, so you have got to make that minute count. Make a checklist of all the people that you need to buy for. Try to limit your stops by thinking of a place with an extensive array of items so you can check off every person on that list in one place. 


Take the help offered to you 

If you are in a physical store, ask an employee for help. Don’t worry they are getting paid to help you and they are more familiar with the store than you are. They can help suggest popular items and sales. If you are online, let A.I. do their job and recommend you creepily accurate things. 


Take presentation into account 

If your last-minute gifts turned out to be less than spectacular, presentation can hide all of that. Try a funky gift-wrapping paper and add a ribbon (ribbons are always an extra five points). If folding corners and tape handling aren’t your strong suit, gift bags are second options. Find a unique gift bag and some tissue paper and you’re set. 


Don’t forget about the price 

Pesky price tags are perfect for starting problems. Keep your sale items low-key by simply ripping off the tag or blacking out the dollar amount. 


Don’t give up 

Even with 24 hours left to give your gift, do not give up. Every business and company have anticipated last minute customers. There’s extra staff, an extra inventory on hand. We are ready for you and we have faith that you’ll find something to show up with for the holidays. 


Don’t settle 

Even though no one can say no to money during the holidays, it is a major gift giving faux pas. it suggests that you did not put any effort in thinking about what that person is interested in. Gift cards are classier way of giving straight dollars. Show that you were paying attention by getting a gift card from a cool boutique or specialty store that they’ve always talked about. A CVS gift card just doesn’t do it (Even if it could be used for those midnight hot Cheetos cravings) 


The holidays are all about being in the presence of people you care about; the presents are secondary. If you find yourself shopping last minute don’t panic, take our advice and you’ll find something. You’ll even learn the lesson of giving yourself more time next year! 


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