Top Gift Ideas for Your Boss or Coworker

Getting a gift for your coworker can be tricky! It could be a White Elephant Gift Exchange at the office or a Secret Santa Game with a few of your colleagues; the pressure to get the perfect yet appropriate gift for someone you really only see on the clock can be daunting. You might be friendly with some of the folks on your floor or department, but do you really know them? Your best bet is to buy something thoughtful yet safe, because remember, you’re still in a professional work setting. 


Harlem Mug

Harlem mug

Let’s face it, a quick cup of coffee or tea gets most of us going for the 8 hour+ work day, you can’t go wrong with a clever mug for that coworker or boss that loves a cup of joe.  


Flo + Theo Body Butter

Flo + Thea Body Butter 

No one likes dry skin, but especially during the holiday season. A cute lotion or soap is a classic gift that will be greatly appreciated by any office pal. 


2020 Calendar

2020 Calendar

Calendars also make a great gift for your overbooked boss. 


Resin Bookends


These resin monkey bookends will look great holding up your boss’s favorite reads 


Planner / Journal

2020 Planner

That super organized coworker could always use an extra planner or journal. Try finding a weekly planner in a color they tend to wear. 



When all else fails and you really can't pin a coworker’s taste, try going practical. A pair of screen touch gloves or a cozy blanket will get you just as much praise as this sometimes awkward gift exchange can get. Got a coworker whose phone is always dying? Treat them to a cute portable charger, or does your officemate have a penchant for baking? Show your appreciation for those fudge brownies they made last week by getting them a snazzy apron or oven mitt. Whatever your guessing, just because your gift has to be on the simple side, doesn’t mean it can’t be unique. 



Author: Thahabu Gordon

Accumula Collaborator


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