Good Vibes

Courtney Ronim Art Show Coverage
Courtney Ronim Art Show was the first art show at NiLu and if you couldn’t make it, here is what you missed!
The Lazy Cook’s Guide to Thanksgiving in Harlem
Don’t want the hassle of a thanksgiving turkey, or don’t have the time for preparation? Take a look at these Harlem holiday dishes that will change your holiday tradition forever (or at least while supplies last).
Buy Black, Local & Small
It’s easy to let big corporations pander to certain communities for financial gain, but there’s nothing like doing business with someone who’s just as invested in you as they are in the success of their product. 
Small Business Saturday - November 30
This Small Business Saturday is on November 30th. We challenge you all to shop locally for at least 50% of your holiday shopping this year. You can even find some unique pieces from local Makers that you cannot find anywhere else in shopping small.
Get Rid of Holiday Blues Once and For All - Volunteer!
Tis the season of family, togetherness, being thankful. It can also be a lonely and depressing time for some. The holidays are when most people have time off, and can use that time to check up on the people around you and even volunteer if you can. Here are some Harlem based locations that you can give a helping hand for the holidays, or year round if you feel so inclined.
Chocolate and Wine Pairing Event at NiLu
Thank you to everyone that took the time to come out for the Wine and Chocolate pairing event at NiLu! If you didn’t get to make it, here is what we learned and what you missed!
Save The World! But Make It Fashion?
The practice of fair trade requires companies from developed nations to pay and treat their designers and workers fairly, while also sourcing fabrics and other materials from sustainable resources. Here at NiLu, while Fair Trade Month only comes every October, we featuresustainable brands all year round.