Volunteering Thanksgiving Guide in Harlem
Tis the season of family, togetherness, being thankful. The holidays are when most people have time off, and can use that time to check up on the people around you and even volunteer if you can. Here are some Harlem based locations that you can give a helping hand for the holidays, or year round!
Historic Churches in Harlem
Several colossal churches in Harlem has greatly contributed to New York City’s skyline landmark. Some of the most notable churches are Mt Olivet Baptist Church, Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church, Mount Morris Baptist Church and Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church. Mount...
Planning Your Fall Day Trip to Harlem's Mt Morris Park Historic District
The Mount Morris Park Historic District is one of the original landmarked districts in the 5 boroughs in Harlem, it covers a large area in Central Harlem starting at 118th street and extends to 124th street. 
Incredible Harlem Wine Stores To Explore in 2019

With the holiday season swiftly approaching, meaning many decisions needing to be made, the last thing I feel like thinking about is what wine to bring. So I’m not. Instead, I asked the experts. 

The Enigmatic Architecture in Mount Morris
While world-renowned, Harlem is perhaps New York’s best-kept gem with some of the city’s most fascinating architecture. Harlem’s history is also one of the city’s most intense, having gone through many ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic changes over the past 400 years. Meet Mount Morris.