Harlem's Serengeti Tea House is Hype on Sensory


It hits your nose first: a headiness of ginger and distant spices, an undertone bass of coffee and the distinct aroma of African wood and stone art - pure adventure. So what are these teas? The flavors can be woody, floral, robust, classic, marine, earthy, grassy, citrus, fruity, soft tingle, tart and smoky. Serengeti has them all. The jasmine lemongrass green tea is a different take on bittersweet. I'm in love with the complex notes of the Nairobi street chai, but the Serengeti's all time favorite, especially at this time of year, is the lemon, turmeric, and ginger. They blend chocolate, too. What will you be sipping? Feel free to experiment and find your blend. There are a probably a hundred African and fusion tea blends served at the Serengeti that rejuvenate at cell level. Add to that some twenty-five lush coffee varieties to sample and hang with, and you're soaking in culture, literally.


Serengeti's thing is knowledge (a good pair with culture, right?. Tell the staff what you're looking for, where you're headed, or even how you're feeling. They'll ask you a few questions, let you sample a few choices, then serve you the one(s) you like most. And if you can’t make this great escape solo, tea shops are great places to boost the kids' table etiquette. Tea drinking gives just enough time for them to get the process down without going nuts on you. In 10 minutes they practice the patience of waiting for their tea to cool, handling the cup carefully, sipping, not gulping, using a napkin and the correct spoon/fork if you ordered a snack with your tea, communicating nicely with a server, and best of all: relaxation. Owner Doughba Caranda-Martin III was trained at an early age in the selection, blend and preparation of teas and coffees in his native Liberia by his grandmother. Find Serengeti Tea & Spices at 2292 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

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