We Need to Step Up!

Not passing any judgement. We all must give as little or as much as we can. Here's our notes to share with you about some volunteer opportunities we're looking at in case you also feel a need to give back and help.

Our family goal is to help at least four times a year with my two boys, Nigel and Luke, participating too. Hopefully this is the year we will get our act together and make it happen – consistently. Yup, we donate clothes, shoes, books and toys to organizations that we feel can use the items best. Mark is on this “purge” kick and it’s been a battle. We "discuss" what stays and what goes but in the end, it feels good to lighten up our living space. “Haven’t used it in one year?” Its gets going. Honestly for me it’s been good to “let go” of stuff and hopefully others will enjoy them equally. Have volunteering ideas or suggestions? We’re in this together. Please add comments below as we take each seriously.

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