Gift Guide: Scorpio

It is time for Libras to step aside because the Scorpio season is here. If your lover, friend, or family was born anytime between October 23rd and November 22nd it’s time to start thinking about some gifts for these loyal water signs. They are professionals when it comes to getting revenge so don’t worry we have some tips to picking out the perfect present.  

Spicy and Sensual 

Curb the jealous side of your Scorpio companion with some reassurance and TLC. Scorpio’s are known for being passionate and comfortable in expressing their sexuality. A great gift for your lover or favorite Scorpio couple, is a weekend away. If you are interested in something tangible, a luxury candle, or a nice fragrance can definitely set the mood. 

Work Work Work 

Notoriously hard-working, Scorpios can set a goal then work towards it nonstop. Fuel their ambition with a customized planner, artwork for the office, or electronic devices like a tablet or iPad to stay efficient. If you want to give them a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, a spa day is a great opportunity to unwind, refresh, and revisit your responsibilities with a clearer head. 

Lots of Laughs 

Everyone loves a good laugh, even your mysterious Scorpio. They have a dark sense of humor so, all of the inappropriate and painful jokes you’ve got, they’ll love. A gag gift, catch-all tray, candle, or pillow decorated with a witty saying would be a gift accompanied with a laugh.  

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Extremely intuitive like the rest of their water signs, Scorpios know about themselves and the people around them. However, they are one of the most misunderstood signs so, communication is key. Ask some subtle questions, stick to this guide, and you’ll nail this gift giving thing! 

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