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Little Book of Mindfulness

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Not into chanting mantras or twisting yourself into a pretzel? Finding it hard to deal with daily stress? This Little Book of Mindfulness by Dr. Patrizia Collard, a stress management consultant, psychotherapist and teacher, will help.

Bring simple 5 to 10-minute practices into your day to find freedom from stress.Mindfulness has fast become the slow-down way to manage this modern world, and, ultimately, discover more peace in your life. 

The Little Book of Mindfulness will make a thoughtful gift for a dear friend or family member going through tough times. Treat them. Treat yourself. You're worth it. 

Mindfulness is the easy way to gently let go of stress and be in the moment. It has fast become the slow way to manage the modern world - without chanting mantras or finding hours of special time to meditate.

Bring these simple 5- and 10-minute practices into your day to find freedom from stress and ultimately, more peace in your life.

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