Sagittarius Gift Guide


      Are you on a mission to get your Sagittarius friend a mindful gift? These spontaneous and overly optimistic signs would love anything that lets them “explore” like the following gifts that we have curated for you.

      Trinket Box

      A Sagittarius is a keeper, so they always have things they need to sort out. Help them out and get them this mysterious ceramic trinket box with metallic gold artwork that comes in a decorative gift box too.

      Worse Case Scenario Book

      When we said, Sagittarius likes to explore, we weren’t kidding and a worst-case scenario handbook will give them quite a lot of exploring to do.  It is equipped with several, how-to, hands-on, and step-by-step instructions to solve all that is worst in the best possible way!

      Beautiful Globe

      Let your Sag friend proudly show off their inner explorer with our third gift choice which is a globe light that illuminates the world’s city lights and comes in a vintage kraft’s box.

      Love Pin

      Brushed gold colored pin by Harlem artist, Ron Drapper.  What Sag wouldn't want to sport this express of love and art on their bag or denim jacket?