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Luxe Linen Body Butter

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Customers have stated Thompson Bleecker's fragrance, texture and quality is similar to Jo Malone.   Its a whipped body butter that feels light and creamy to touch.   It comes in a heavy glass container that adds a feel of luxury to your every day personal care regiment. 

Top: Crisp Linen, Morning Winds, Lemon

Mid: Heliotrope, Cyclamen, Muguet

Bottom: Vanilla Flower, Musk, Ylang Ylang

As a candle fragrance designer, I am very sensitive to fragrances and how they can transform a room. I started Couture Brands with a commitment to crafting candles that create a sexy and sensual ambiance at home. The only way to do this is to start with the finest fragrances - blended by master perfumers. These are combined with our custom soy wax blend, which is made of the finest waxes available. As always, all of our products are phthalate free. Our state-of-the-art wicks provide a smooth, even burn. Each candle is individually poured by hand with great attention to detail. 

The end result is a clean burning candle with delicate scents that will fragrance - but not saturate - large areas of your home.    

I believe it is always important to support local small businesses. We work hard to use as many American made components as possible. While it does cost a little more to make our products, the high quality and our commitment to craftsmanship speaks for itself.

We should all work to minimize our environmental footprint. The boxes, papers, and glassware we use are all made using recycled materials. Please continue the recycle-reuse-reduce cycle. Our candle glasses are great to repurpose as vessels for holding dried flowers or displaying shells or rocks. Some crafty decoupage can turn our packaging into a special gift box for a birthday or holiday gift.


Over the years, many people have pointed out that Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue never intersect. Of course, I know this. My concept was to combine the classy upscale sophistication, luxury, and fashion found on both of these iconic boulevards into each of my candles in the Fifth & Madison Collection. So, whenever you light one of our candles, you’re at the intersection of Fifth and Madison.

Why choose us?

Cause We believe

black and brown makers need more representation in media and retail.

it’s possible to provide a retail experience that’s appealing to a variety of backgrounds and races. 

conscious shoppers care about the meaning and impact of the products they buys.

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