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Lenox Lounge Notecard Box Set

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Harlem Noir. Send notes on this beautiful photo art of Lenox Lounge.

Photographer Harlem Noir captures the last moments of Lenox Lounge in existence. It is an exterior shot of where the marquee signage once lit up Harlem. Its remnants of an error we didn't think would end.

Share your memories or aspirations of Harlem. Show love to a place that featured iconic artists. We miss you Lenox Lounge.

This set contains 3 hard stock cards (3x4) with envelopes, string, and label for authenticity.

Harlem-centric photographic memories to educate, reminisce and represent the neighborhood of Harlem.

Why choose us?

Cause We believe

black and brown makers need more representation in media and retail.

it’s possible to provide a retail experience that’s appealing to a variety of backgrounds and races. 

conscious shoppers care about the meaning and impact of the products they buys.

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