11 Gifts for Tea Lovers to Make a Lasting Impression

If you’re looking to get a special gift for someone in your life that likes tea, we have a couple of ideas. We tried to round up a good mix of everything from loose leaf teas to tea accessories like our clear glass travel infuser…And honestly, we’re really feeling our choices and think you may even want to keep some of them for yourself.


1. Tea Mug
We know…this is a big ass mug, but it’s the perfect size for anyone that just wants to sit back, relax and not reach for a refill.

2. Queen Tea Cup
This cup would be a good gift for that friend known for liking the finer things in life, and has no problem showing it. We think the crown design on the inside adds a little extra umph and bumps up the regal effect. Pinky finger up is optional.

3. Lomar Honey
Whether you like pure sugar, agave syrup or honey…you’re gona love this pure raw honey from Lomar Farms for sure.

4. Travel Tea Infuser
This tea infuser holds about 16 full oz. and because it’s made for travel, you can take it with you pretty much anywhere and never worry about spills.

5. Brooklyn Tea - Earl Gray
These past few years have made us all worry at one point or another, making this tea perfect for just about anyone.  It helps relieve stress and anxiety, and its vanilla taste will warm you from the start.

6. Modestine Dont Stress Me
It’s caffeine free, so don’t expect a jumpstart. This blend of organic honeybush and lemongrass is great for anyone needing some relaxation and mental relief. 

7. Adjourn Afro Blue
This tea really does taste and look good - both the container and the tea itself. Made from blue butterfly pea flowers, steeping produces a natural blue color… If you’re living a crazy life, and looking to relax after a long day, grab this one.

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