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A big part of NiLu was making art accessible to everyone. Early on, we featured functional art like mugs, magnets, and other objects with local artwork. We have always been fans of art. We've spent the last couple of years working to expand our selection of artwork and art-based products.

The pandemic brought on a lot of stress and anxiety. For peope who isolated themselves at home or lost their jobs, it was a difficult time. But the pandemic also came with a high demand for puzzles, because puzzles helped many people cope.  

Before the pandemic, we carried one or two puzzles with black art. We have at least ten different puzzles – from Derrick Adams to Grace Lynne Black Art. This is just an example of how far we’ve come!

We are happy to see how many people have found puzzles during and after the pandemic. It is amazing to see how so many customers have found ways to showcase their completed puzzles as art. One customer sealed her finished puzzle and had it framed. Some of our customers have shared how puzzles have brought their families together and eased anxieties for many. 

Here are our top five selling puzzles and small descriptions.  We’ll circle back with more art pieces…

DERRICK ADAMS: This two-sided puzzle features a painting by artist Derrick Adams on one side and paintings by Dreamyard middle school students in the Bronx who were inspired by Adams on the other side.

Archibald Motley-NIGHTLIFE PUZZLE: This 1000-piece puzzle features a nightclub revelry scene. Look for the glow of the nightclub lights, the energy in all their youthful faces, and their stylish, sophisticated attire. 

CHARLES WHITE PUZZLE: This 1000-piece puzzle challenges you to explore your artistic side, without making the task overwhelming. Put together this mural of a black family, in which education and music play a central role in their lives.

FAITH RINGGOLD PUZZLE: This 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Faith Ringgold features the artist's colorful painting of eight powerful African American women from the past, including Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and more.Puzzles are packaged in matte-finish sturdy boxes, perfect for gifting, reuse, and storage.

Grace Lynne-FOUNDING MOTHER PUZZLE: In 1920, women won suffrage. Sojourner Truth fought for women's rights, abolition, and for Black women during a time when they were ignored. Grace Lynn Haynes drew Truth to celebrate 100 years of women's suffrage and her tenacity in fighting for women's right

CTA: If you love doing puzzles, then you're going to like these Black art puzzles. They help people pass time, be creative, and reduce stress and anxiety. They also bring family, friends, and strangers together to solve them. These puzzles make the perfect gift for any occasion!


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