Bringing Back the Art of Note Writing

In an iPhone centric world, taking out a paper and pen can be reminiscent of school days, or just plain old school. However, expressing yourself on paper still holds value in many ways. Here is why we hope to bring back the lost art, even if you do have bad handwriting. 

The top two reasons that deter people from writing longhand is the lack of time and lack of confidence in their penmanship. Yet, these are the same two things that make the act so personal. There is something personal and intimate in seeing the way one loops and lines their letters on the page. It is a large part of a person’s identity if analyzed enough, just like their speech or style. As long as it comes from you, the person receiving the note will feel special no matter what your handwriting looks like—polished or chicken scratch.  

Note writing does not have to take up an extensive amount of time and the materials are always present so you do not have to go out of your way. Copy paper from the printer, and pens are always just lying around, aren't they? This process can be done during your down time. While eating your breakfast, on the train ride to work, or right before bed.  Thanks to our current technological advancements, a handwritten note has become a rarity—as it requires more thought than the average text or email. 

Technology has no doubt improved the efficiency of modern life, and there are numerous apps to download to all of your mobile devices for productivity including notetaking ones. As with all things, anything in excess is not good for you. Whether it is a ‘social media cleanse’ or worrying about damaging your eyesight from constant artificial light, people who use technology often find themselves wanting to take a break from it. Note writing can be that outlet to not only take a break but, to learn more about yourself in the way you think. 

Writing electronically is very immediate. Whatever first pops into your head can very quickly appear on the screen which gets a lot of people on the internet in trouble. As the delete and backspace keys translate to a bunch of blacked out scribbles on a page in real life, handwriting makes you more careful with your words.  With the absence of autocorrect,  you have to sort things out in your mind instead of on the page. Note writing in this instance becomes a mental exercise equipping you with the skills to think critically and quickly.  

Note writing does not have to always be lovey dovey, only addressed to your significant other. It can include words of affirmation to yourself, journaling, a thank you note for the holiday present you are definitely going to regift or even something as simple as a grocery list. We save the notes the toddlers in our lives write because they have character, and now as grown-ups  we surely have more to share. Give your penmanship a chance and try it out! 

Author: Lindi Bobb

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