Save The World! But Make It Fashion?

Global warming is an urgent matter that we’re all trying to get ahead of. Whether it’s reducing your water consumption, or going vegan, it seems like anyone who cares is trying their best to stop the ice caps from melting. But believe it or not, the idea of keeping the earth from ending as we know it doesn’t have to be a source of stress. What if I told you that looking good and sporting cutting edge fashions could actually offset your carbon footprint and benefit women all over the world? Crazy? Impossible? Nope. Fair trade businesses practices is what makes this dream possible. The practice of fair trade requires companies from developed nations to pay and treat their designers and workers fairly, while also sourcing fabrics and other materials from sustainable resources, so you’re not only helping the planet, but your sisters around the globe as well.  

Though Fair Trade Month only comes every October, here at NiLu, we feature sustainable brands like Custom Collaborative and A. Bernadette all year roundBoth companies are empowering women to take control of their careers and humanizing the way we tackle climate change. We were lucky enough to speak to the owners of each brand about why they chose sustainable fashion over the traditional model. A. Bernadette founderAndrea Reyes gave us insight on her experience working in the fair trade fashion industry, as well some sage advice on tackling waste reduction. Ngozi Okaro of Custom Collaborative told us about the inspiration behind some of their designs, and why businesses that under-pay their employees aren’t real businesses at all. You can find out more about thbosses with grassroots beginnings in our makers tab. 

Author: Thahabu Gordon

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