Spots for Cultureal Enthusiasts: Best Places to Travel via Segways

We had fun seeing Madrid in 2018 getting around using Segways.  We’re planning our upcoming trip and wanted to tell you some of the cities that offer this type of tour.  If you’re not really into the idea - trust us when we tell you, it only takes about 10 minutes to learn how to ride.  If you grip your handlebars and go slowly at first - taking your time, you’ll be riding solo fast. And most, if not all places have special times and places to practice before you go out in the real streets.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Getting all of New Orleans’ art, culture, and history is definitely something we want to do.  There’re tour stops on Bourbon Street, the French Quarter and even the Mississippi.

Stellenbosch, South Africa 

We’d love to ride through the vineyards on Spier Wine Farm.  You can bring the family on this one, learn about farming or just bring your partner for wine tasting or a wine making class.

Florence, Italy 

The amount of famous art and architecture in Florence is pretty unbelievable… and much easier to see if you’re going from place to place on wheels.  There’s even a tour that runs at night when the entire city is lit up.


Prague, Czech Republic

You’ll see historic churches, old homes, and castles in Prague.
One tour lets you watch movie clips on a portable DVD player as you pass spots made famous by different films.

Madrid, Spain

Seeing Madrid by Segway is pretty popular. Tour guides usually speak English, so it’s easy to get around the city this way and see all the art and culture stops quickly. 

Jerusalem, Israel

If you want to go some place to get a spiritual and artistic vibe, Jerusalem is the place.  You can ride though Hutzot Hayotzer - an artist colony or check out a ton of historically religious spots.


Santa Maria, Sal - Cape Verde

This is one of the only tours we know of that lets you actually ride on the beach!

Chania, Crete

Chania has options for everyone.  You can roll through the Old City, marketplaces…see cathedrals and temples. Or if you’ve done this before and want something more experienced there’s one that visits Koum Kapi, a historic place where North African slaves were brought to live. It’s a beach area with a ton of history and now said to be the best place to eat and drink.

Bangkok, Thailand

Walking around Bangkok may be a lot to handle, especially since you’ll be trying to make your way through the tiny streets that are already pretty crowded with cars, food vendors etc. Seeing everything will be easier by Segway...or even, by boat!

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