From Soulless to Stellar—How To Never Go Wrong With Corporate Gifting

There is no better way to put it… most corporate gifts suck. 

Everybody knows that. Few people say that out loud.

But not us.

We don’t shy away from telling people what’s wrong with consumer-centric, unfeeling, lackluster gifts. 

We understand CEOs, HR managers, and small business owners don't have the time to find the perfect gift for every employee or client. Still, corporate gifting shouldn’t be boring, or soulless.

Because corporate gifting is still gifting, and the essence of gifting is acknowledgment, appreciation, and connection. 

CONNECTION is the Key to Corporate Gifting 

77% of employees agree that they want to work at an organization where they feel connected to the purpose and people.

Not your brand name.

Not your logo.

Your clients and employees connect with your story, your values, and your mission.

Today, corporate gifting is very important. When done the right way, corporate gifting can help you boost employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity. It also helps in making your clients fall in love with you. 

When you show people they matter, they will connect with you on a much deeper level.

Corporate Gifting- Where do Companies Go Wrong?

There is a disconnect between the giver and receiver.

Mostly, the gifts that companies give to their employees or clients are just a mix of promotional and branded items. From the moment they unwrap it, your employees and clients can tell no one put any thought into it.

A keychain with the company logo,

A tumbler or water bottle,

Name tags…

These gifts are merely symbols of consumerism and don’t help in building any connection.

That’s why, before you send another soul-less, story-less gift package, think about what the gift means to you (as a business) and the receiver (as an employee or client.)

Redefining Corporate Gifting- Start at the Beginning

Corporate gifts represent what your business stands for. 

The values you believe in, the philosophies you support, and the stories you are proud of! 

As a business, you have the privilege and platform to address social and environmental issues. 

If you are a big supporter of women empowerment and entrepreneurship, the gifts you choose should reflect that. 

If you are always singing praises of sustainable products and showing your commitment to staying environmentally friendly, don’t let off-the-rack, toxic gifts be associated with you.

3 Things to Consider Before You Shop/Order Your Next Corporate Gifts

Buying the best corporate gifts is not that hard, or time-taking.

Especially when you understand the value it will bring to the person who receives it, and the value it will bring to your business.

The simplest way to ask these questions:

  • Your Intent

  • What is your intention behind giving this gift?

    Low-key self-promotion is smart. But gifts with one log0-pasted item after another are hideous. Your employees and clients are smart. It takes them a moment to understand that you have put no effort or thoughts into it.

    We always suggest our customers curate gifts that offer an experience. 

    From the moment they open it, to actually seeing the items- they build excitement, joy, and connection. 

    For instance, if you are a Black business, you can gift anyone any candle you want. But gifting them a candle that screams your #BlackAF pride, or one that speaks to your love for Harlem will say tons about your values, beliefs, and story.

  • Your Message

  • What message does your gift convey?

    No matter how expensive they are, gifting everyone the same thing with the same bleak message doesn't benefit anyone. It is just another gift for you and the receiver.

    Customize your gifts with a personal message. A hand-written note can win hearts, but we get it- you are too busy to become pen pals.

    How about a note that tells your business’s purpose, welcomes your client or employee, and shows your excitement to work with them.

    A message like that will draw them closer to you and they will be eager to work with someone who shares the same values as they do. 

  • Your Story 

  • What story does your corporate gift tell?

    People are hard-wired to connect with stories. We see that every day at NiLu. That is what sets us apart. 

    Someone walks in, likes something, walks up to us to ask about it.  

    (there we do something that’s been lost for years) 

    We hear them. 

    We connect with them. We communicate with them.

    They fall in love with NiLu or the product or the experience.

    What we started doing genuinely because it reflected our culture, our values, and our sincere interest in connecting with people, is now a big part of the NiLu experience.

    This is the power of the story.

    This is the power of connection.

    This is how understanding what people actually need changes the meaning behind small gestures, gifts- even your corporate gifts.

    Do you want to un-suck at corporate gifting without spending hours figuring it out? 

    Well, we are great at gifting. We can help you curate unforgettable experiences for your employees and clients. 

    Let’s add some story and more soul to your corporate gifts and packages.