Our 7 Gifts to Reconnect With Loved Ones This Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving dinner table looks different. But it’s our meaningful connections with others that make this holiday special. This year, Thanksgiving as a whole will look even more different than ever before.

With travel limitations and COVID considerations, the 2020 holidays put things into perspective. This year, why not give gifts that spark discussion and show that you care?

Giving Back to the Community

Gifting doesn’t just have to be about stuff. One of the most powerful ways to give is through your time and energy- especially when you do it with friends and family. 

  1. COVID-Safe Community Service

You can bond with your family this Thanksgiving by participating in local service opportunities. During this time, many organizations have their own social distancing and sanitary protocols in place.

Depending on the type of volunteer work, you might go in person with protective measures in place. Or you could give your time virtually, over the phone, or through donation.

Give the Gift of a Fresh Start

The New Year is fast approaching. Give the gift of a fresh start with calendars featuring Black art and history. 

  1. 365 Days of Black History Calendar

Bless your host this Thanksgiving with a calendar that honors Black women and men across history.

Wrapping Tip: Use cardboard to create a protective shield around flimsy gifts before wrapping.

Bond Over Food and Drink

Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to bond over food and drink. Although the world outside is still on the mend, enjoying consumable comforts at home with family makes the waiting worthwhile.

  1. Queendom Tea

Cozying up together with Modestine's Queendom is something anyone would adore after a Thanksgiving feast.

Wrapping Tip: Easily wrap oddly-shaped gifts with a bag and tissue paper.

Share Some Real Talk

This time of year is one for reflecting and having real conversations with family. Give the gift of discussion, whether it be about the big things or the little things.

  1. Table Topics: Best Things Ever

Table Topics are a great way to inspire conversation as you enjoy your friends and family sit down together this Thanksgiving.

  1. Challenging 1000 Piece Puzzle by Black Fine Artist Alma Thomas

Doing an inspirational puzzle or even playing board games together this holiday could ease the way to that heart-to-heart.

Wrapping Tip: Get creative when wrapping gift boxes! Try switching out wrapping paper for an environmentally-friendly newspaper to add a conscious and personal touch.

Keep it Simple

Showing your appreciation doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

  1. Handmade Card

 A card can capture your gratitude and love with words that your host will always remember.

Wrapping Tip: Embellish envelopes with ribbon and stickers to add seasonal flair.

Self-Care at Home

Doing our part by staying indoors while we wait for the pandemic to pass doesn’t have to feel like a lockdown. What better way to relax than with body butter, soaps, and candles? 

  1. Sandalwood and Vanilla Body Butter

The dry air of the later months is no joke. With this body butter, your Thanksgiving host can enjoy moisturizing (and delicious-smelling) self-care!

Wrapping Tip: Roll cylinder-shaped gifts in a large piece of wrapping paper, tape it, and tie both ends with ribbon, so it looks like candy!

Be Safe!

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