Black Business Month

August is National Black Business Month, and while we’re grateful for our community every day of the year, it’s an especially great time to intentionally support Black-owned businesses like ourselves.

Black Business Month was first celebrated in 2004 after being created by historian John William Templeton and engineer Fredrick E. Jordan. Jordan’s and Templeton’s initial goals were to use the month as a time for government officials, community leaders, and venture capitalists to put efforts towards creating an environment where Black businesses can thrive.

Of course another essential part of the equation is YOU, the people who are encouraged to put your dollars toward Black businesses to buy the things and services you need. When it comes to gift shopping for the people you love or for your own self care, we pride ourselves on being a reliable option where you can feel seen and at-home in the shopping experience. We also love that many of the great gifts we provide are from other amazing Black-owned businesses.

From Harlem Candle Company to Lomar Farms, all of our candles are Black-owned. Self-care can’t get any more refreshing than the all-natural scented soaps, body butter and oil from Flo + Theo, owned by a pair Nigerian born sisters who now live in Queens. And artist Makeba Rainey’s prints colorfully styling some of our Black heroes like Angela Davis, Stevie Wonder and Muhammad Ali are beautiful ways to decorate the home. And the list goes on.

And if you come visit us in person, many of our neighbors right here on Lenox Avenue are quality Black businesses that you can support, from food to fashion and more.

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