Chris Classic of Savoir Faire: Father, Hip-Hop Artist & Fragrance Connoisseur

Chris Classic is a father of three and entrepreneur who’s found success in ventures ranging from rap to fragrances. His brand new line of unisex eau de parfums, called Savoir Faire, is now available in Harlem at our store. The brand name literally translates from French to “know how to do,” and it’s come to describe the ability to act or speak appropriately in different social situations. Classic is more than willing to open himself up and speak his mind on social media, and the launch of his Savoir Faire brand is closely connected to one of his biggest social media moments. 

In 2018, H&M caught huge flack worldwide after it put a picture of Black boy in a sweatshirt, with a depiction of a monkey on it, in one of their advertisements. Chris Classic was the one who sounded the alarm about the ad in a way that put the world on notice. He then flipped the photo and put a sketch of a crown covering the monkey photo, and wrote the words “King of the World” over the boy’s head. The image of the crown now serves as the logo for Savoir Faire.

That might’ve been Classic’s most significant viral social media moment, but he’s been using his voice to reach the masses since decades before “going viral” was a thing. He’s hip-hop and an emcee to the core, and has written music that appeared in TV or film more than 300 times, from 2004-19. One of the New York native’s earliest music successes was working with the legendary group Run DMC on their last studio album, “Crown Royal,” and he even worked on the movie soundtrack for “Alvin & The Chipmunks.”

Now, besides pushing Savoir Faire, Classic is active online and in real life as a father to two sons and a young daughter, who eats up the spotlight on his Instagram page with her vibrant personality. And of course he’s still willing to point the camera on himself and speak, whether it’s for laughs, for deep conversation, or for justice.

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