Harlem Candle Company: Luxury Home Fragrances Inspired By Harlem

No one loves a story as much as we do at NiLu Gift Shop. Couple a story with a remarkable product that is inspired by Harlem itself — and we’re all in. 

Harlem Candle Company was established in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson. She discovered her knack for combining fragrances and clean burning candles in her kitchen during the holiday season on a quest to make gifts for loved ones, rather than buy them. 

The company is quite literally inspired by her love of Harlem, travel and lifestyle. When she launched the company it offered luxury candles that took their fragrance cues from the Harlem Renaissance. 

Since then the home fragrance company has launched and released a full suite of home fragrance collections ranging from Room and Linen Sprays to Diffusers. Here’s a list of our favorite Harlem Candle Company collections and fragrances. 

Harlem Luxury Travel Candles

This collection features votive candles that soothes the mind, warms hearts, and touches one's soul. The Harlem Luxury Travel Candle Collection are travel size (3 oz) so you can take them anywhere to set the mood. The collection includes mini Josephine, Langston and Savoy candles with 22k gold printing as well as Dream, Love and Home that come in a tin displaying botanical art on the lids.

Harlem Candle Company | NiLu Gift Shop

Room and Linen Spray

The Room and Linen Spray is a collection released for those that desire on-demand fragrance. Many of the sprays take cues from the candles such as Savoy, Langston and Dream. Each spray features Top, Mid, and Bottom fragrances to deliver a fragrance tones that lasts and linger. 

Harlem Renaissance Collection

The collection that started it all. This collection takes its fragrance cues from all things Harlem. Lenox is a fragrance that is inspired by Lenox Avenue the heartbeat of Harlem. Ellington pays tribute to the legend through tangy cinnamon, heady rose, fresh lavender and more. Within the collection each candle tells a story and works to embody and translate that story through fragrance. 


Reed Diffusers 

For natural fragrance that just keeps giving the Harlem Candle Company’s Reed Diffusers Collection is a must have. Each diffuser fragrance offers a variety of healing and calming essential oils including eucalyptus, citrus bergamot blends, jasmine, Moraccan rose and more.

Harlem Candle Company’s Home Fragrance Tips and Tricks

Luxury home fragrances take on a shape and life of their own. We sat down with Teri Johnson, founder of Harlem Candle Company, to answer some of the most common questions we get asked about home fragrance. 


How long should a candle burn? 

A candle should not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. After 4 hours its recommended that the candle rests for two hours before relighting. As with any candle, burning it for more than 4 hours could result in a “mushroom” top because the excessive carbon will collect on the wick and begin to release soot turning the candle’s jar or holder black. 

What’s the key to making a candle lasts longer? 

The key to long lasting candles is to trim the wick. Trim the wick close leaving just enough tip to light a flame. The shorter wick will burn slower and still deliver the same fragrance. 

Where can a candle be stored? 

Keep candles out of direct sunlight to maximize fragrance life. Sunlight often zaps the fragrance from candles and can impact the potency of the fragrance when its burned. 

Room and Linen Sprays

Where can I use room and linens sprays? 

Room and linen sprays can be used just about anywhere a fresh scent is desired. From shower curtains to pillows to mop pads, simply hold the spray approximately 10 inches from the surface and freshen. 


What is a diffuser? 

A diffuser disperses essential oils into the air through fine vapors. They are an excellent choice for providing natural aromatherapy in almost any small space. 

Where can I use my diffuser? 

Placing your diffuser in bathrooms, officers, living rooms, and bedrooms are all recommended. Keep in mind that the most effective diffusers are those that are strategically placed in spaces that can deliver the fine vapors most effectively such as on the corner of a desk or behind an umbrella rack in a home’s entrance. 

Why can’t I smell my diffuser? 

Your diffuser needs up to 24 hours to start dispersing fragrance. To maximize the life and fragrance of your diffuser remember to flip your reeds at least once every 7 days. 

Shop Harlem Candle Collection

The Harlem Candle Collection is a staple at NiLu Gift Shop. It is one of our most popular collections and we are eager to expand the product line in the coming months. Whether you need help deciding between a candle and diffuser or are interested in experiencing the fragrance first hand, we look forward to sharing our love for the collection with you.  

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