Historic Churches in Harlem

Several colossal churches in Harlem have greatly contributed to New York City’s skyline landmark. Some of the most notable churches are Mt Olivet Baptist Church, Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church, Mount Morris Baptist Church and Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Mount Olivet Baptist Church played a significant role in New York City history. Originally a synagogue, the history of New York City cannot be written or fully understood without knowledge of this church. Many of the great matters which impacted the quality of African-American life were decided within its precious walls.

Lately, attending Harlem church services has become quite popular. Listening to the church choir in Harlem is one of the greatest musical indulgences New York City has to offer and clearly on top of almost every Harlem visitor’s bucket list. In fact, it is so popular that visitors are occasionally turned down due to overcrowding.

Here are some other important guidelines for attending Harlem church services:

  • Find out service schedules ahead of time.
  • Arrive early for the service. Dress conservatively (no shorts, tank tops, or flip-flops!).
  • Never behave in a manner that is distracting to worshipers (i.e. talking, eating, etc.) during the service.
  • Use of cell phones, cameras, or video recorders is not permitted during the service.
  • You are required to finish the entire service (generally two to three hours).
  • A contribution to the donation basket is appropriate.
  • Most important – do remember that these are religious services, not musical performances.

Tourists Worship on the Visitors Balcony area of Abyssinian Baptist Church

Some churches like Abyssinian Baptist Church list their full guidelines online for visitors to educate themselves in advance. It is important that these rules are strictly followed, out of respect for the church and its devoted congregation. Feel free to stop by NiLu for direction and suggestions for the latest places to visit. Also, see the range of unique gift items featuring lots or Harlem and NYC made products.

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