Planning Your Fall Day Trip to Harlem's Mt Morris Park Historic District

 Mount Morris Park Historic District | Harlem Gift Shop

The Mount Morris Park Historic District is one of the original landmarked districts in the 5 boroughs in Harlem, it covers a large area in Central Harlem starting at 118th street and extends to 124th street. Generations of art, food, and demographic transformations mean that newcomers and life-long residents endure redefining one of the city’s most iconic culture hubs.


Many subway lines pass through the neighborhood. Only 20 minutes subway ride from Times Square, take 2/3 train from 34th or 42nd street to 116th street and Malcolm X Blvd. If you opt to rent a bike, it should take you 1 hour or less.


  • Brownstones surrounding Marcus Garvey Park. witness the gorgeous townhouses surrounding one of the oldest public squares in Manhattan.
  • Chess and basketball players. Every 12PM and onwards, locals gather on east side of the Morningside Park between 120th and 123rd Street to play a friendly game of chess and basketball.
  • See the brownstones at Lenox Avenue. Some homes carefully preserved the Tiffany Glass stained windows and original wood work dating early 1900's. Appreciate the magnificent architecture while still observing respect for people’s homes.
  • NiLu Shop. Offers curated gifts by local artists and small business owners around NYC.


  • Attend a Sunday Service at Mount Olivet Baptist Church. It is important that church rules are strictly followed out of respect for the church and its devoted congregation.
  • Take a tour. Call iBike Harlem to plan a bike tour. Walking tours offered by Harlem Heritage or What’s Eating Harlem are also great options to see the neighborhood.
  • Go to 125th street for more lively action. Walk west to Studio Museum of Harlem and Apollo Theatre.
  • Visit Schomburg library. Learn more about African-American history.
  • Explore National Jazz Museum. This is a must for Jazz lovers.


  • Book Sunday Brunch at Setti Pani, Archer and Goat or Baraine.
  • Early birds can stop in Café Latte
  • Plenty of corner stores (called Bodegas) to buy water, soda and snacks.
  • Sottocasa Pizzeria -- family from Roma.  Authentic Italian
  • Red Roster for music, food and great vibes
  • Harlem Shake -- burgers and nostalgia
  • Lolita's for great for fun food, drinks and people watching. A favorite families and friends. .
Feel free to stop by NiLu for direction and suggestions for the latest places to visit. Also, see the range of unique gift items featuring lots or Harlem and NYC made products.

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