The Enigmatic Architecture in Mount Morris

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While world renowned, Harlem is perhaps New York’s best kept gem with some of the city’s most fascinating architecture. Harlem’s history is also one of the city’s most intense, having gone through many ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic changes over the past 400 years, which have resulted in an assorted array of places of worship, theaters, homes and eating establishments.

Mount Morris is one of Harlem’s most sought-after, earliest landmark neighborhoods in New York City. Architecture aficionados have fallen in love with historically significant buildings which serve as a link to Harlem’s vibrant past and major elements of the neighborhood’s character. It’s architectural and cultural charm comprises a number of famous theater, religious and residential architecture in the city.

Here, properties include grand 19th-century townhouses along Malcom X Boulevard’s double wide sidewalks. Magnificent architectural designs with majestic brownstone and limestone facades are well preserved with beautiful interior paneling and decorative fireplaces.

One of the best ways to see the architectural perspective of Mount Morris is to sign up for walking tours that focuses on exploring the neighborhood’s opulent edifices. Taste Harlem Food and Cultural Tours consider that obtaining a real understanding of Harlem’s culture can be conveyed through navigating its wide streets coupled with benches and exploring its beautiful and magnificent architecture.

Harlem Walking Tours offers a variety of diverse experiences. In fact, Harlem historian Michael Henry Adams runs special excursions to unearth the enigmatic historical side of Harlem for private or big groups. He is a leading expert on the architectural history of Harlem. His tours include historic churches, private residences, jazz, dining and restaurant hopping.

When visiting New York, is it only imperative to pay a visit Mount Morris to grasp some of the earliest landmarks and most dramatic architecture in the Big Apple. The evolution of the architecture here results in a charismatic, eclectic mix of the neighborhood which preserves a strong turn-of-the-20th-century architectural character that it is today. Feel free to stop by NiLu for direction and suggestions for the latest places to visit. Also, see the range of unique gift items featuring lots or Harlem and NYC made products.

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