Top 10 Reasons to Visit Mount Morris Historic District

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Arguably, Harlem’s Mount Morris Historic District is a top destination in New York for travelers from all over the world Senegal, Italy, France, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Germany and many Airbnb tourists and here’s 10 reasons why.


Mount Morris is full of pride and energy, molded by its rich African diaspora across, social awareness, food and the arts. This is a wonderful locality to feel the heart and soul of the people and the city. The strong sense of community in the area is evident.

The Architecture

Arguably the best architecture in the city. Mount Morris section of Harlem is a historic district in Harlem with its vast amount of unique brownstones (townhouses), cathedral type churches and Gotham buildings dating 1700 and 1800s.

Urban Parks

One of Harlem’s biggest attractions is its green parks. Marcus Garvey Park, located in Mount Morris, boasts a recently renovated new Amphitheatre, upgraded lawns, and amenities.


Just a 15-minute subway ride from 42nd street or 20-minute car ride. Mount Morris is perfectly poised in upper Manhattan, just above Central Park, which offers great access to subway lines such as the 2,3, A, B, C and D run underneath; above ground, the neighborhood is serviced by buses, Citibikes and Uber drivers

Thriving Arts

During the course of the 20th century, Harlem has been home and significant inspiration to generations of musicians, poets, artists, actors, and novelists. The stride of New York City, the blend of settlers, and the teething troubles linked to living in Harlem were among the experiences that found manifestation in music, fiction, and theater, among other art forms.  

Historic Churches

Mount Morris is home to several magnificent churches such as Mt Olive Baptist, Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church, and Mount Morris Baptist Church. Their architecture contributes to the neighborhood’s historical value and religious society.

Soul Food and More

Central Harlem is booming in the culinary scene thanks to its roots in soul food restaurants. It seems as if at least one restaurant opens every month. Tourists often pay a visit to Sylvia’s and Amy Ruth’s, two of the few remaining soul food restaurants that are now joined by a new generation of restaurants residing in Mount Morris areas such as Barawine, Cheri, Blvd Bistro, Settepani, Café Late, Little Bamboo, and Sexy Taco.

Vibrant Nightlife

Sexy Taco, Paris Blue, Cheri or Barawine oozes with great bartenders and specialty drinks but, the finest nightspots in Harlem are not limited to clubs. Most of its late night entertainment take place is live music venues and bars. Harlem’s Mount Morris area has a lot to offer. It is many things to many people and that’s why the people who live there love it: a vibrant community made up of diverse cultures, iconic nightspots, an up and coming food mecca, you name it.

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