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We’ve all been there. Your girl invites you to brunch, a colleague asks to meet up for drinks, that mom you met at last week’s playdate invites you over for an impromptu happy hour. BYOB. Ah, where do you start? With the holiday season swiftly approaching, meaning many decisions needing to be made, the last thing I feel like thinking about is what wine to bring. So I’m not.

Instead, I asked the experts. I visited three wine stores in Harlem and asked each of them to recommend two wines—one red and one white because of options—priced within a range of $12 - $25. My only requests were that they are well rounded and be the perfect accompaniment for a guest to bring for a host/ess gift. They didn’t let me down. Sharing is caring, so here you go. Expert picks for your next BYOB. Thank me later.

BTL | 311 W. 127th Street

Red Selection: Rouet, $17.99 - This is a 100% Cabernet Franc. Organic and full of flavor this wine is an excellent choice for all seasons. Medium-bodied with notes of red currant, cherry, and tobacco flavors, with a rounded dry finish. Drink as-is for a flavorful fall drink or put a slight chill on this one and you have a wine perfect for summer. White Selection: Highbury, $17 - Don’t let the slight green hue of this wine fool you. Aromas of cilantro, flint, and mineral stone are what tints this soft white wine. The flavors are spicy, surrounded by subtle gooseberry, brine, and cantaloupe. Bring this wine when you want to give your guests a twist on the traditional Sauvignon Blanc. Want to know more? Download the BTL Harlem app and get points towards your purchase.  

Pompette Wines & Spirits | 420 Lenox Ave (Backstore)

Red Selection: Domaine Galevan Cotes Du Rhone, $18 - This medium-bodied red wine is a perfect choice for a dinner date. Enjoy an interesting combination of red fruit and spice. Smooth, ripe, and supple with notes of raspberry and white chocolate, there’s no shortage of flavor with this one. White Selection: Palmer Vineyard’s Chardonnay, $12 - A classic, aged in stainless steel tank and sans oak or butter flavor. This Chardonnay is a smooth crisp, a little sweet, a little sweet, with notes of fruit and light on acidity. Give this white wine to your host that always keeps it classy Get a deeper look into what Pompette has to offer at

Freeland Liquor | 183 Lenox Ave

Red Selection: Luigi Bosco Malbec, $17 - A Mendoza wine from Argentina, this is an excellent choice for those who care for an elegantly sweet wine that doesn’t skimp on flavor. More violent than red, Malbec is full of cherry and ripe plum aromas, spiced with mocha and blackberry notes. White Selection: Daniel Crochet Vigneron A Bue, Sancerre 2014, $20 - Highly refreshing, gentle, and light are what makes this Sancerre the perfect white wine selection. You’ll find it packed with fruit flavors like pineapple, lime, and black currant. And the hint of herb and floral notes top this wine off quite nicely. The best part of Freeland Liquor is—wait for it—they deliver with purchases over $20. Call 212-866-1535 for delivery details. So what are you bringing to your next BYOB? Remember sharing is caring, so let us know what’s up!

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