Courtney Ronim Art Show Coverage

With two tables and a shelving unit cleared out of the shop, there was just enough room for Courtney and her many guests for the art show at NiLu. Thursday, November 14th was the first art show at NiLu and if you couldn’t make it, here is what you missed! 


It was an incredible turn out for the self taught artist, Courtney Ronim.  Under the name ‘Ronim Art’ she showed multiple pieces from her “This Is” series and one from her newest series “Instinct”. 


Courtney arrived at the shop thirty minutes before it all went down, nervous and excited making sure everything was in place for her solo event. Dressed in all black women designers, Ronim sported a white quilted jumpsuit by Natasha Lambkin of Tashee Inc. and a custom hooded robe with Chinese silk lining by Junny Hibbert of JunnyShe spent the night walking groups of people around the shop, giving them the details behind each of her mixed media pieces. Ronim takes all of her photographs by herself and then sews, paints, cuts, or how she is compelled to express herself over those images. Most of the people in her works are people that she knows in real life, her mom and sister were notable pieces that made it to the exhibition.  


Ronim art show at NiLu


The pieces were installed at NiLu the night before the event and from the minute they were hung on the wall visitors of the shop were interested. Majority of the people were drawn to the eyes and the expressions of the subjects in her work. Ronim explained to her guests that when taking pictures, the natural response to a camera pointed at you is to pose. However she waits until her subjects are not posing and a little more lax to snap her shot. She finds the candidness makes for a more interesting piece.  


Ronim Art Show at NiLu


The evening was filled with belly laughs in between sips of wine, good music, and better art. Even the models in her works came through to the shop to support and take selfies with their designated pieces. Katrina Pinn and Courtney Ronim had the closing remarks, Ronim telling the crowd how grateful she is for everyone in the room especially since many of them encouraged her to start showing her work and ended with a simple, “I’m happy”.

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