The Lazy Cook’s Guide to Thanksgiving in Harlem

Don’t want the hassle of a thanksgiving turkey, or don’t have the time for preparation? Get one from Popeyes! Yes, it is the holiday addition you never knew you needed. Waiting in line for a chicken sandwich is so last week, upgrade for the holidays and get ready for the best leftover turkey sandwich yet! Don’t stop at the turkey, take a look at these Harlem holiday dishes that will create the perfect plate. 


The centerpiece 

Popeyes has Thanksgiving turkey. Why has this not been front page news? The fast food chain offers their annual Cajun Turkey, marinated in a blend of seasonings, slow roasted, and flash fried. The bird starts at $39, varying in different states. Luckily, you can try the hype and taste the goodness even if you are not located in Harlem.  


Something on the side 

You can’t fill your plate with just turkey–or maybe you can but, for the person who would skip the turkey and go straight to the sides, we have some options for you too.  First, if turkey is not your style Charlie’s Chicken is the best spot in Harlem to satisfy your chicken needs. Baked macaroni and cheese is a side dish that we all can agree on and Amy Ruth’s has got you covered. Check them out for this southern soul food side that they never get wrong. Head over to the one and only Sylvia’s for their collard greens that are so good that they are available online, canned and ready to go. Lastly, savory always needs some sweet so, LA Sweets NY has everything from cheesecakes, cakes, vegan cakes, and cupcakes (for $2 if you visit on Two Dollar Tuesdays)! 


Thanksgiving is great solely for the food but honestly, we just had to let you know about the turkey! With everyone fighting for a chicken sandwich, save yourself the drama by ordering in a turkey and picking up a bird that’s about to change your holiday tradition forever (or at least while supplies last). 

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