2020 Travel Guide

At a point in all of our lives, we have made the new year’s resolution to travel more. 2020 is all about vision and drive, so if you’ve had your heart set on a particular destination, this is the year to book that trip! Whether it is overseas or a staycation in your city, we have picked out some items to help you get the most out of your travels.  


Harlem is Heaven Totes 

harlem totes

Available in camouflage, polka dot, and a silver shine, these totes are perfect for carry ons, keeping your personal items close or just a quick bag for sightseeing on your vaca. Whether you are in the Netherlands or New York City, this tote is great for showing off that Harlem pride. 


Two’s Company SOS Kit (20pc Survival Set)

SOS kit

As refreshing as being in a new place is, things can sometimes go awry. Stay prepared with this Survival Set of 20 useful tools packed into a small tin with a camouflage pouch. 


Molly & Rex Candles

Molly and Rex candles

Traveling is great, getting to where you need to be can be stressful. Take some time to unwind from your road trip, flight or train with a candle. These Molly & Rex candles in Midnight Breeze and Molten Amber are the addition to your hotel or Airbnb to really make it feel like home. 


Dapper Dan Memoir

Dapper Dan book

On your relaxation day of the vacation, where room service and a big bed to yourself is the plan, take some time to read. This memoir by Daniel R. Day, better known as ‘Dapper Dan’, reads just like a conversation with the man himself. Get inspired for the new year with this story of humble beginnings to success.  





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