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Published in 2018. 

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of hosting a nutritionist and New York Times Best Selling Author Lyn-Genet at NiLu to talk to us about the release of her new book The Metabolism Plan. If you weren’t there, sorry to say it but, you missed out. Truly. But, as usual, we got you covered and wanted to bring you a little taste of what you missed right here to the blog.

We chatted with Lyn-Genet after her appearance to get some intimate details on why she does what she does, the core of her work, and what’s the real deal behind making nutrition work for you.

The Beginning and the Inspiration Behind the Work

First, being the proud Harlemites we are, we wanted to get the important details out of the way. Tell us why Harlem is the best place in NYC hands down. Kidding—sort of—but we did learn that Lyn-Genet was born and raised in New York and that her family was from, you guessed it, Harlem.

A move downtown and another to West Chester took her out of the city, but her heart (and work) remains in this part of town. When we talked to Lyn-Genet we wanted to get to the heart of the work. Her New York Times bestseller, The Plan has become know known for transforming the way people interact with food while The Metabolism Plan focuses on exercise and weight loss.

We wanted to know what was behind all of that. What drove Lyn-Genet to her philosophy that “food is medicine” and what inspired her to do this work in the first place.

It Started with a Blackberry

We’re dating ourselves a bit here but, we learned that jumping point to this movement started with a Blackberry. Lyn-Genet shared with us about the many people that were interested in nutrition but, didn’t have access to nutritionists. So instead of heading to her Health Center in Harlem, they would email her. It was during this time when one encounter would change the course of her work. This particular individual was suffering from depression—an illness close to Lyn-Genet’s heart—and after a successful vegetarian cleanses went on to have a physical reaction to—wait for it—black beans. This revelation that “healthy” foods can actually do more harm than good depending on the person was a breakthrough leading to work Lyn-Genet now does today. Helping YOU to become your own nutritionist.

Tips for YOU Straight from Lyn-Genet

According to Lyn-Genet, as long as you’re living, you’re body wants to heal. And as you get older and you start to lose digestive function, your body starts to view certain foods as “bad”. When this happens your body diverts energy to aid in digestion. And as you can imagine this can lead to health issues like Lupus, thyroid disorders, weight gain, and more. So what do you do? You become your own nutritionist by ruling out the inflammatory foods that are causing your body distress. And as you start your personal nutrition journey, remember:

  • Your scale is your friend. Mind it as it’s one way your body is speaking to you.
  • Don’t count calories.
  • 8 - 12 minutes of exercise every other day is all your body needs.
And a final tip: Get The Plan and The Metabolism Plan. But seriously, it just might change your life.

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