Real Talk: When Self-Care Means Getting Away For A While

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Back in the day, "Calgon, take me away" was the cry for help. The phrase that women used to take them away from the daily woes that was taking care of the household (or at least some male advertising executive thought). Fast forward to today and a woman needs more than just some bubble bath product to "get a moment" for herself.

For me, its the little things that can go a long way. For example, I love to ride my bike. A ride in the morning to get a cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day. I don't ride to sweat, its not a workout, its just a moment in time that I get to let my mind wander and be inside my own head for an hour or two. Another "great escape" for me is a good book. A book that you really get into, allows you to escape from your own world.

Reading at night, not only allows for "me" time but it is also a great way to unwind. I find that no matter how much I enjoy a good book, the relaxed mood it puts me in, is priceless and makes for a great transition for bedtime. And don’t underestimate getting to watch a favorite TV show alone. There is no judgement, interruptions, or guilt in watching something, alone at the end of the day. What moments of indulgent I have when everybody is sleeping and I get the remote completely to myself.

In most cases, I purge on my current addictions (Queen Sugar, The GetDown, Atlanta, Peaky Blinders, Better Things). Throw in a bowl of Coffee Hagen Daz, and it’s a wrap! Listen, its hard out there and whatever it takes to “get a moment” –you best work it out. What little indulgences do you do to treat yourself? --Take yourself out for breakfast/lunch/dinner, buy yourself something not practical or meet a friend for brunch –whatever it is, do you!

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