4 Secret Tricks to Avoid Giving Bad Gifts

If you’ve ever considered yourself “bad at gifts,” you’re not alone. In fact, it’s science. Humans simply have a hard time predicting other people’s preferences. That’s why it’s even more meaningful when you give that perfectly thoughtful present.

Of course, there is a better way to find the perfect gift! Ask yourself these four questions before you go gift shopping and you’ll be sure to avoid the awkward silence and flat “Thanks…” that follows a gift-giving misfire.

What do I want to say with this gift?

Have you heard of The Five Love Languages? Some people feel most loved when they receive gifts—not because they expect to have money spent on them all the time, but rather because presents are a form of communication. 
Before you go gift shopping, ask yourself: What do I want to say to this person and how can I communicate that to them? Maybe you would like to say ‘Prioritize self-care’ and a beautifully scented candle would suit them well. Every gift is a message, so what are you trying to say?

Who are they and what could they need?

Gifts are most memorable when they’re perfectly tailored to the person. Take a minute to write out the things they like, considering their personality, hobbies, and new or upcoming changes in life.
Are they low key or flashy? Do they love the classics? Take some ideas from their home or what they wear to consider what that tells you about their likes and dislikes. Then there are their needs: Are they starting a new job? Look for something that will give them confidence on their first day of work. Currently consumed with redecorating their apartment? A dope throw pillow might do the trick.

If they could go back in time, where would they go?

Who doesn’t love a little journey to the past? Look at us: it’s 2019 and all we’re watching are live-action Disney movies and 90s reboots. Stick with the trend and help the person you’re buying for revel in a little bit of their personal nostalgia. 
Was there a pair of Jordans they always wanted but their parents never got for them? Or maybe they just have a thing for the good ol’ days,  so you pick them up a copy of Art Kane. Harlem 1958 that transports them back to a simpler time.

What connects you both?

Make memories last longer by bringing them back to the present. What are some events you’ve attended or experiences you’ve shared that you can translate into the perfect gift? 
Maybe you went on a vacation to Jamaica together and they loved the food—a cookbook and spices might do the trick. Did you see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum together earlier this year? Throw a nod to that experience with a Frida Kahlo flask they can take with them. 

Time to go shopping! 

Choosing the perfect gift can be a bit overwhelming. The most important thing to remember is: Don’t panic! You know this person better than you realize, so… you got this!

And if you really aren't sure or just want to talk about it - we’ve got you. Swing by the store or send us a quick email. We’ll talk about your thoughts and choose a present that makes sense. And always remember - we are in this together! 

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