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Beaded Wristlit- I heart HRLM (camo/tradit. gold letters)

I Heart HRLM Beaded Purse (camo/tradit. gold letters)

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It’s common to love New York City. What’s not so common? To love Harlem through and through. For the Harlem lovers out there, this unique I Heart HRLM Beaded Purse comes decorated with camouflage, silver, and pewter. Consider it another extension of Harlem’s unique culture! Use one of our chic wristlet clutches and display your Harlem pride daily!

While this product is made in the 21st century, its roots are firmly anchored in the traditions of hand craftsmanship in India.

High quality beads are sourced, cut and colored with utmost care to prepare them optimally.

Why choose us?

Cause We believe

black and brown makers need more representation in media and retail.

it’s possible to provide a retail experience that’s appealing to a variety of backgrounds and races. 

conscious shoppers care about the meaning and impact of the products they buys.

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