Black Love Collection


      Black Love Is… 

      Did you know there’s an actual Black Love day?  February 13th.  It was founded by Ayo Handy-Kendi.

      No doubt Valentine’s Day can be overhyped so we prefer Black Love Day cause it’s not about lovie-dovie but it has more meaning and depth within our culture. No diss to Valentine's Day but love to support the Black Love all day, every day.

      Black Love & Gifts

      The “Root” defines Black love as “the ideal of unity and togetherness. It’s this idea of strength shared between two people attempting to reach a common goal…” [1]. It doesn’t have to be about cliches or something political. It can be as simple as people coming together as partners in a common journey and celebrating goals, and values.

      Katrina curated the following gifts to set it off for all types of Black Love relationships. 

      Love Spells Book ($14.99)

      This book by Semra Haksever introduces you to rituals and magic to help promote and attract love and spirituality into your life. This is done through self-care, manifestation and understanding desire. Get this book and put a spell on ‘em.

       I Love You / I Know Mug Set (x2 - $32.00)

      This fire stoneware mug set shows and says you love someone. With gold accent handles and calligraphy font, this set is perfect for any couple this Black Love Day and beyond.

       Black Boy Joy Poster ($15)

      Black love is just that - love for all the Black people in your life. Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, son, brother, or just a friend, this Black Boy Joy poster is a great expression to help celebrate Black Love.


      Sol Cacao Madagascar Pak ($27)

      Looking for a sweet treat to celebrate Black love, but stay on the healthier side? Sol Cacao (Trini Black Owned) makes quality dark chocolate bars made with their family Trini traditions.

       Camo Baseball Hat

      More than anything, it really bothered us that black culture, our way of life, history, and simple dopeness was regulated to one month out of the year; and further, it was the shortest month of the year! It’s time to recognize that Black people and all our blackness is every day.   Tip the cap!

       Black on BLK AF 365 Hoodie

      You can’t get any blacker than this.  A hoodie that says it all in eight characters.  Launched in 2018, BLK AF 365 is our line that helps you express whats been on your mind for a while. 

       BLK AF 365 Smelling Guud

      Light up this BLK AF 365 candle to chill after a full day of representing your blackness. The candle has a woody gourmand expression that is frothy, creamy and elevated with tobacco and whipped vanilla balance with white woods. White musk and touches of coffee notes fuel an addictive, edgy sillage. Soy wax blend and lead-free wick.

       …and Beyond

      We want to share that we feel it’s important to know that Black love and history goes beyond material gifts.   No matter how you celebrate and show your love, NiLu is happy to be a part of your Black Love, today and every day.