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    It’s summahtime! As we ease out of the COVID quarantine, finding ways to bring people together this season is essential. Whether you’re searching for birthday gifts or just trying to show the people in your life that you care about them, these 5 gifts are perfect for deepening bonds. 

    Each of these items below sums up and helps celebrate the Black summer experience. 

    “Game On, Bitches” Playing Cards

    These hilarious playing cards in an attractive gold and black package are perfect for playing spades with your smack friends and loved ones. It balances humor with an elegant design and is a MUST in your game collection

    Blue Dominos Game

    Dominos has always been and will continue to be the OG game in Black culture. Slam down ya dominos and talk smack while reminiscing back in the day!

    “Convo and Chill” Cards

    Looking for a fun way to “really get to know” your friend and family? This pack of 99 controversial conversation-starting cards is just right for that social event you’ve been dying to have with the people you wanna get to know a little bit better.

    BLK AF 365 Tote

    This large tote bag from NiLu speaks for itself. This tote is both a fashion statement and reps being BLK AF 365! You're gonna get “the nod” with this bag while picking up groceries, goodies, or anything else wherever you go.

    Jean-Michel Basquiat Stainless Steel Flask

    Basquiat fan?  Do you know an art lover who enjoys a little hooch?   This stylish flask by Deborah Gregory makes an artistic statement and a bonafide conversation starter.

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    Game On Bitches Playing Cards | NiLu.
    Game On Bitches Playing Cards
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