Zodiac Gift Guide: Capricorn

Guessing you're not about that Gift Giving Life as the holiday season has past and the craziness continues in our country.   But you cannot forget our January babies and their need for love and attention too.

With our zodiac gift guide for Capricorn and Aquarius, you’ll find a curated selection of unique gifts that will indulge their astrological side.

Capricorn Gift Ideas (thru Jan 19th)

Yes, many folks with a Capricorn sun are ambitious, organized, and persistent.

While this zodiac sign is always working to make their dreams come true, even dream makers need to take it easy from time to time. This season, give your Capricorn the gift of relaxation with items that’ll help them stay on top.

Relaxing Tea

Teas will help calm that Capricorn-ass down. Giving loose leaf tea is lovely in itself. But to take it up a notch, you can go all out by creating an assortment of tea items such as a travel tea infuser mug, natural honey, and a cup and saucer set!.   







Yoga-Related Items

Yoga is the perfect multi-tasking exercise. It combines relaxation and tuning in with a great workout. So what better way to motivate your Capricorn to unwind than fun yoga items?

Stationary to Help Get Shit Done

With motivational profanity, the Get Shit Done List and You Got This Shit Journal are great organizational tools that your hard working Capricorn will adore.