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See What People Are Saying About NiLu

See what people are saying our Unique Gifts Delivered by NiLu in the media and on our YouTube channel. Learn more about our Meet the Maker Series that showcases some of our favorite and most talented artists and creators. Learn about our business and view our story from conception to launch.

NiLu: Our Story

My husband Mark and I founded NiLu with a simple goal: to showcase the rich culture, amazing artistry and unique attributes of Harlem and other special places around the world. We founded NiLu to sell gifts, home decor and crafts from local Harlem artists as well as items from around the world.

Harlem is our home, and our name “NiLu” comes from our son’s first names, Nigel and Luke. We use honest business practices and sell Fair Trade products whenever possible. We want everything you buy from NiLu to give you a deeper connection – to yourself, your home, and the global community.

A Fine Lynn

Meet Lynn, a Harlem native and watercolorist. Lynn shares her pieces of art, what inspires her and her experience as a Harlem maker and NiLu artist.

Meet The Maker Series: Sekou Long

Our next artists in our Meet the Maker Series is Sekou Long, an Arthurs, journalist and blogger based out of Harlem. Sekou is the founder of Rocks by Sekou and makes hand-made bracelets that raise money and awareness for non profits and major movements.

Shopping and Happiness at NiLu

Experience a day in the life of a Harlem shopper at our NiLu store. See the store layout, some of our favorite pieces on display, and the huge amounts of support and major turn outs we have on a daily basis.

Meet The Maker Series: Lomar Farms

Our next artists in our Meet the Maker Series is Yvonna Wright. She is the owner and co-founder of Lomar Farms, a company that makes beeswax candles, honey and farm bags. Items are made with all natural products that not only smell great but are natural air purifiers.

Harlem Gift Shop NiLu Inspired Series: Ruben Natal San Miguel

Discover NiLu Inspired and meet and learn about the many artists at NiLu. Hear their stories, discover what inspires them and get a deeper look into what makes NiLu so unique.


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