Zodiac Gift Guide: Aquarius

The second half of January (from January 20th to February 18th) is Aquarius season! Represented by the Water Bearer, Aquarius individuals are often creative, intelligent, and independent dreamers, adventurers, and change-makers.

This January zodiac sign loves helping the community— often to the degree that they neglect themselves. Those with the Aquarius sign are artistic and enjoy humanitarian work.

Here are some gift ideas that will help your Aquarius live their best life:

Tarot Cards

Aquarius is one of the more intuitive or psychic signs. So they’ll love the opportunity to hone their intuition with a stunning deck of tarot cards.

Protesting Materials

Aquarians are always on-the-ready to support a cause that matters to them. That’s why these protesting materials from Black makers are the perfect gift.

A poster booklet full of 50 globally designed posters advocating for important causes is a great gift. Plus, some dye-cut poster stencils will help your Aquarian get creative while they speak out for change.

Water Decanter Sets

Indulge your Water Bearer with a beautiful water decanter set. Currently, we have 8 on hand, and we can access more in 3 weeks!