Black Boy Joy Poster Art - Poster By Ms James

Black Boy Joy Poster

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This Black Boy Joy Poster shows that black boys and men are appreciated and understood.

  • 11x17 (Frame NOT included)
  • Printed on heavy archival, acid free cover stock

By Ms James is a paper goods company based on the real life experiences and adventures of Tara James. She's funny, honest, quirky, lovable and extremely relatable. Her beliefs are her own but are shared with and by many. She's a bold, curious free bird who curses like a sailor and is guided by her spirit and creativity.

Why choose us?

Cause We believe

black and brown makers need more representation in media and retail.

it’s possible to provide a retail experience that’s appealing to a variety of backgrounds and races. 

conscious shoppers care about the meaning and impact of the products they buys.

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